Preserved in ice: Our first freezing rain.


December 25th was the first day of freezing rain in Portland. As demoralizing as constant cold temperatures can be, I wanted to celebrate this freezing rain by capturing all the colors it preserves.

We have tried our hardest to get a heat source, but have not been even remotely successful. Right now we have a heated mattress pad on the bed, without a means of running it. We have weighed many options, but without proper insulation, our efforts are all for naught.

I spent quite a bit of time researching deep cycle batteries, gas generators, propane heaters, but have found significant faults with each system. So, I purchased an excellent down jacket from Mountain Hardwear, and have slowly been accepting that this season is temporary.

January marks our 9th month living in this bus. As prepared as I thought we may have been, I am deeply reminded that in no way was that true. But, we will forge on over these next difficult months left in this season, and we will make improvements in the spring.

Until then, we will just have to cuddle up and laugh about just how cold it will continue to be.

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