A day late – focus of 2018

We were all over the place this past year. We moved three times (well four if you count moving into the bus), traveled nearly all summer, changed to a plant based diet, adopted a cat, had several different jobs, started this blog, and ended up back in Portland. Our world was so chaotic, that this next year will be a great time to stay settled in one town, and focus on running and riding more.

I went looking through my journal yesterday to try and find my previous year goals. I know in the past I have set my sights on running a marathon, and living in a van. Both of which I have and am currently accomplishing.Starting a blog was never on the list, but I am incredibly happy that it found me anyways. I have always looked forward to new years, and new goals, but I feel more optimistic about 2018 than I have previously.

If you watched the year replay from space, you would actually be able to see all the chaos unfold. We loaded up the bus, and left without a clear picture towards Colorado this past May. We tossed ourselves into the ocean, without any direction towards land. I churned water for months, spinning around, looking for any sign of shore.

Churning, I kept my head above water. I had been in the ocean before, and know what a mistake it is to swim towards the first sign of land. It is a startling feeling to realize the places you have been are because of the fear of drowning. So I waited, with what energy I had left. Somehow I keep throwing myself into the ocean. Bobbing, I took a moment to rest – to listen to the waves, taste the salt.

I realized I had a life raft. It had appeared next to me. I had been too busy scanning the horizon for land to see it. So in I crawled, and laid on my back to stare up at the sky. I wouldn’t be scrambling for land anymore. I have what I need to make it in the ocean.

Deciding to start this blog, spending more time on the bike, and living in this bus are my biggest accomplishments of 2017. My plan for 2018 is simple – stay on the waves.

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