Finally got a floor – 10 months later.

We have been living in this bus since April 2016, and we have finally invensted some money into renovations. Granted, there is still a lot to be done, but we are extremely happy with our new floor. No more public school corrugated rubber matting with tar and dirt stains!

We tore everything out and started again. After 10 months of living in this space, we had a few rearrangements in mind that we needed. Cutting and laying the floor took roughtly 6 hours. There are tricky corners, and piecing Pergo together with all those cuts takes time. We then decided to paint the walls. Backwards, I know, but we hadn’t really planned on wanting to do it until we were already going. In general, I would say that is how we go about most everything. It would drive others crazy, but pre-planning has clearly never been a strong suit of ours.

After the paint was in, I thought it would be good to waterseal the floors. Waterseal? But, I thought she said Pergo? I did say Pergo, and I said waterseal. The guy at Home Depot didn’t bat an eye, and neither did I. Hours and hours later, as the seal rested uselessly on the surface of the laminate, we realized we had to towel it off. That took more hours. Sundown on the 4th day, we were able to move our stuff back in. It would have taken less, but we both had to work, which drew out the process. That meant that each night we had to pile our stuff back into the bus, with it incomplete, and unload it each day so that we could work. In the privacy of the backlot of a Target.

On the last night, I lost it – muttering “it was all a waste of money, this was so stupid, I’m a fuck up, no one loves me, waaaa.” And Cody, with his remaining strength reassured that it most definitely wasn’t a waste. Which, after several recovery days, I was able to recognize. We have a floor!

In regards to the layout, we had been wanting our bed in the back from the start, but could not design a layout that also incorportated our 4 bikes. Voila! Bed in the back, with the bikes opposite the kitchen. Others out there would probably opt for a table or eating space, but we happily plop in camp chairs (with cup holders, no less) to spoon up whatever combination of quinoa, rice, beans, tumeric, greens, and spices I come up with that night.

Stay tuned for the ceiling vent fan install, as well as a hanging wall, and maybe a bench too. It took nearly a year, but we’re ready to make this bus more of a home. Until then, I am going to continue to layout my yoga mat on the bit of floor I do have, and enjoy my new ability to stretch out.


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