About Us

2017-11-24 08.39.25

We live in a bus with our cat and bikes.

Cody tattooed the word “RAD” to the top part of his foot, and I’m working on getting a couple more gold teeth. We live in a land ship. We both tried to do life right, but the harder we tried, the more it burned us. We were seperate in our distructions, but as we rose from those ashes, we found each other and became the beauty you see before you today.

Our focus stems from a simple question, what do we value? It is interwoven into each moment of our day. We spent years living according to an unspoken, unwritten value system, and would have unhappily continued down that path, had our own bodies and minds not been torn apart by it.

Instead, we stripped out everything, and began again.

Our life would be considered cruel, or difficult to some. We have few traditional luxuries. But, what I can say of luxuries is that is causes forgetfulness. We appreciate the simple gifts of being alive. And each day, as we live in this bus, ride our bikes, and focus on eating well, that is our joy.